Meeting Programme 2020

Date Talk Speaker

8th January 2020

"A life in the Law - never a dull moment"

Phil Davies

22nd January 


12th February
Life on SS Great Britain
Cyril Routley
26th February
Bristol Botanical Gardens
Ann Brake
11th March
"The Swinging 60's - Sex,Drugs & Rock & Roll"
Mike Britton
8th April
" 'elf an safety"
Roy Ackrill
22nd April
"From Hell Island to Hayfever"
Paul Watkins
13th May
Windmills of Somerset
Sara Harris
27th May
Bristol Blue Glass - Continued
Jim Adlington
10th June
"Underground Warfare 1914-19 : the tunnellers war"
Jeremy Banning
24th June
" The History of Water in Bristol"
Paul Hodge