Meeting Programme 2022

Date Talk Speaker
11th May
The Underground War 1914 - 1918
Jeremy Banning

25th May
Interstellar Propulsion Systems
John Henn Bristol Astronomical Society

8th June
Bristol and Mulberry Harbour for Normandy 1944
David Addis

22nd June
Bristol Port - Past, Present, Future
John Chaplin or Katherine Lovell

13th July
History and Celebration of Playhouse Theatre, Weston

Samantha Ball
27th July

 The Working of Magistrate Courts
Marilyn Darg
10th August

Romania Then and Now
Mike Ogbourne  
24th August
Going to Blazes
John Craig
14th September

On Board the International Space Station
Jo Richardson  
28th September
The Gunpowder Plot 
Barry Hamblin
12th October

Britain's Piers Fun and Frivolity 
Robert Tinker  
26th October
Five New Wonders of the World
David Head
9th November 
A Tale of Two Cities: Bristol and Venice  
Gordon Young
23rd November

Hadrian's Wall, Edge of the Empire
Garry Gowans